Legalization of Prostitution

The World’s First Profession is Now the Last!

Diminishing tax revenues because of foreign bank transfers, overseas trust funds, foreign payment processors, and crypto-currency means collapse of government worldwide and inability to enforce victimless crime laws like prostitution, or the promotion thereof.

The acquittal rating for crime in this country is 90%. Acquittals for prostitution arrests with no jail time or trials is about 95%, and jails and prisons are becoming increasingly crowded, too expensive, and evacuated of inmates more than ever before. With a growing homeless population and undocumented immigrants who consider jail to be Holiday Inn, arrests and jail time will become less common.

With insurance against arrests for prostitution laws, tied into awareness of foreign tax shelters here making tax payments foolish, you can make prostitution laws unenforceable. In the rare event you are arrested, submit your ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and proof of arrest, and you will win a guaranteed insurance settlement or raffle winning. Pay any amount here, and 80% will go to the winners lucky enough to get arrested for prostitution, promotion of prostitution, or pandering (MUST NOT INVOLVE THOSE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE). Authorities will back off more than ever before, knowing arrests will make this program more famous and cause major drop in tax revenues that de-fund their existence, using International tax law that cannot be changed.

Limit your liability with background check to assure no sex offender record or police status with badge, using websites like and state transparency websites to identify possible peace officer status. Negotiate online with slight-of-hand language where money for sex is not to obvious. Find a location, such as a hotel room, pay a minimum amount for meetup and both parties should strip to assure neither party has a badge, weapon, beeper or electronic leash to notify police, before money for sex proposition occurs and is compensated for. Hire, if necessary, a scout to remain outside and look for police and call by smartphone to warn of possible raid is pending.

Use forums at Craigslist, social media, or dating websites for communications. A rating system without real names is also good, so John can rate escort, and vice versa.

A major tax revolt forcing privatization and self governance with overwhelming use of escort services will force what will be private legislatures to legalize prostitution. More control means less control. That means a white market and the franchising of new competition for more perseverance.

Be an investigator for vetting and background checks, be a scout, be an escort escrow service, and you will be better off with insurance, especially if you are an escrow agent for more credibility, better ratings, and better protection from potential harsh sentences for pandering. You can be discreet, with high earning potential as men and women as service agents and escorts. Get high ratings and recommendations, and advertise on blogs and podcast here.

Send checks with driver’s license number, state for driver’s license, and any amount you wish to insure yourself with to:

Lawsuit Blaster

5206 Regency Cove

Austin, TX 78724 USA

ATTN: James Wood, insurance adjuster

Winners will be decided on at the end of each month with monthly contributions dispersed to winners after Lawsuit Blaster takes 20%. Awards will be mailed to winners by no later than the 15th of the following month. If there are no arrests and no winners, the 80% will roll over to the next month. The more you spend as a percentage of the total monthly pool, the more you win. That percentage, when compared to all the other winners’ percentages, will be multiplied by 80% of pool or total assets. Screenshots of deposits and anonymous testimonials of winners will be offered here.

Free subpoena blasting and "preponderance of the evidence" overwhelming. Revolt and prosper!