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You don’t make money, we don’t make money!

If you have a website, social media page or post, place a hyperlink pointing to (copy the following between hyphens – <a href=”https://www. “> LawsuitBlaster</a> – and place on an HTML page. The ” LawsuitBlaster.” in between “><” should be replaced with anchor text, like the keywords you want to optimize your page for), and you will be paid by PayPal for your percentage of links on the tenth of the following month for the preceding calendar month. This new concept is called Post Pay Back Links (PPBL). More links, especially from more domains, means more money (most content management systems to build many independent websites and separate domains, where the knowledge of a software language or graphic design are unnecessary, are free until you upgrade. See as an example).

Keyword relevance, where the keyword phase you want surfers to look up on search engines, between your page and the page you point to, are highly encouraged. Many long tail keywords (keyword expressions with four or more words) are encouraged. See and for suggested related keywords based on a starting or seed keyword, best when trending upward, high demand, low competition, and conscious that many are loss leaders to create more targeted traffic but therefore the seller needs to sell profitable items next to them to overcome the loss. Limiting competition, especially at first, for a “niche” business, is much more important than high demand in the number of monthly keyword look-ups, especially in the world of free organic search engine rankings. For keyword scoring, based on best domain and URL string, article word count, meta-tags, comments, uniqueness, etc., and factors independent of high search engine score based on back links and page-to-page linked keyword relevance, see All links, regardless of value (eg. Yandex, Alexa score) are worth the same and paid the same here. Screenshots and witness testimonies of gross income for LawsuitBlaster will be posted here monthly. 50% of profit (all money comes from advertising revenue, gross and receipts for cost of business provided here) will go to the pool of competitive linkers. Use,, or other online application to verify back links for us and for you, should you decide to build website(s) and attract traffic the way LawsuitBlaster does.

If using social media or video hub, G+ and Youtube are recommended as you will rank higher than with other social media or video hub, especially when compared to Facebook which often blocks Googlebot indexer or deprecated for not being an Alphabet product. Third party verification of back link number means more honesty, fewer dependencies and fewer high-pressure sales. However, no traffic to your page or sales because of individual linker are required to earn money. But you want your seller to do well even if you don’t do what we do with your own PPBL registration page. The higher you rank on a Google pyramid, the higher your search engine rankings and quality traffic you receive. If the top of the pyramid or top seller does not pay the linker just below him/her their correct compensation amount, the second tier can remove link and the seller at the top will lose credit for all the back links below the second tier. The seller, therefore, has no reason not to pay compensation on time. Traditional affiliate programs have largely died as the links to the seller are only paid when you as an affiliate have traffic and when your visitor clicks on the link to go to the seller page, and only when they buy something because of you as the tracked referrer. However, those links only create higher rankings and disproportionately higher search engine traffic for seller who earn money mostly from search engine surfer. Fewer sales or visits will come from the referral links, and often the seller will not pay the affiliate anyway because of no incentive. Also, affiliate tracking requires cookies now disabled by many browser users because of spyware, credit card information theft, and annoying privacy invasions and forced opt-in e-mail and innocuous junk mail.

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