Please Help Us With Startup Costs

You can help us with the initial cost of my low budget startup to help insure we can all learn how to be successful, where a lot-less becomes a lot-more for all of us. Start with physical, then financial low-liability low-cost insurance. A good shared education and mutual-symbiosis MTAP/Inktomi unforced-pyramid and Ferris Wheel building, and “look a lot less greedy” strategies and ideas and tax liability minimizing means human toil will give way to more love-of-labor self-serving old school education and a high-tech automated society.

Verification of donations going to the cause will consist of many video testimonials, and PayPal and electronic receipts of products and services as screenshots. Even when you donate less, verification will be speedy, where we can, with your exclusive proven and PayPal encrypted guarantee of privacy, provide your exclusive information of what you donate as a contributor and what you sell to increase donations for us, and donations, sales, and most importantly, credibility, for all us.

Free subpoena blasting and "preponderance of the evidence" overwhelming. Revolt and prosper!