No risk payment without traffic

Sign-up here with a PayPal e-mail address and make sure the domain in your email address (eg. is the same as the domain of your blog ( 25% of gross goes to backlink subscribers. We will look at the lifespan of the link month a month, and pay you on the tenth of the following month if the amount owed is $25 or more, or roll-over what is owed to the following month. Use to reward those who do come to your site, click on a link, buy something at the seller’s site, then they earn commission. Use to verify links to us and links to you. We will send you auto responses weekly verifying the existence of all the links, and how your percentage of the links is the percentage of the affiliate money you receive with proof of income. This is a must have concept using the same subscription form made available through Mail Poet, a WordPress plugin.

Multi-tier affiliate programs are the only way to guarantee income, and it is ongoing and sustained. If you pay someone to do a job in advance, they usually don’t show up. If you work with no money up front, you won’t get paid. This will not happen with multi-tier no risk programs. If the second tier or higher refuses to pay, the tier below them removes the link, they crumble in search engine rankings and affiliate support, so they would be foolish not to pay their bills.

People with higher PageRank, because they have more backlinks to them as people who may want to backlink to us, still get the same credit simply based on total number of backlinks, so this way we create a lot more bloggers if you don’t already have a blog, get paid and use the money, if necessary, for paid advertising, and do what you can to generate more traffic so they can backlink to you and you do the same and pay post paid links only after you rank higher and earn money, so there is no risk. Traditional paid links, called gray hat SEO, is prepaid where you pay once or monthly. We don’t do that.

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