Why it’s necessary to be self-employed

1. Great economy ahead from declining tax revenues from overseas tax shelters and declining collections on internal tax debt

2. 24/7 https://www.tawk.to audible alert chat with high bandwidth and cooperation from customers who hate phone and in-person customer service. Ability to build canned responses with most-frequently-asked questions list

3. Free storage with garage, bedroom, etc. for competitive advantages against big stores

4. Work out of home and save on gas money, wear and tear on cars, less traffic stress, no rush hour gridlock

5. Take six pictures of your product you sell with six different camera angles so customer can rotate it online, competitive advantage against stores that don’t allow out-of-box handling

6. More specifications on product online versus box means more informed customers

7. Rating system, unlike brick and mortar stores

6. Escrow allows groups to buy in bulk securely to drive down cost-per-unit wholesale product

7. Selling commission on affiliate/commission tracking software means being on top and second on two or more tier no-cost-up-front advertising. Appear high on Googlebot rankings while attracting resellers for multi-tier commission incentive

8. Return-on-investment from ROI computing software high from more detailed analysis and greater variety of online advertising methodologies

9. Find what is high demand, low competition, trending upward keywords and sub-keywords for products and services. Benefit from loss-leaders

10. Advertise at no risk on Facebook, a network of podcasts with first-tier cost per sale URL redirects, etc. where competitors for selling https://www.WheelsOfTrueFortune.com affiliate tracking software

11. Remember to save money as a buffer in case of no-profit cycles

12. Buy EDD employment verification insurance for yourself to prepare for possible non-profit cycles, as well as disability insurance

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