How Business startups Work

Twisters, Pyramids, and Ferris Wheels

The world has long been a sea of people caught in a twister for a long time, where the wealthy do well with large volume capital at the top, the middle-class squeezed into a bottle-neck in the middle, and the poor suffering at the bottom. However, we become a lot more equal when the low pressure zones that cause these twisters to form are filled-in by the surrounding high pressure, then equilibrium sets-in. High pressure (higher energy levels) means warmer and happier people with more incentive to compete.

A multi-level marketing “forced sales” pyramid (MLM) means someone does well at the top, those near the bottom don’t, as the bottom two levels usually lose money as they usually have to pay more than they need for what are typically health care products. Many exhaust themselves with shame for mostly hyper-cold sales, demanding money upfront, and 99.9% must capitulate. Monthly membership prices often go up without your permission, and the MLM chief, like AOL and other major big Internet institutional scams make it impossible for you to unsubscribe and bill you for other things. Your credit score goes down because of no fault of your own, and you suffer because of bogus TRW claims because collection agents will not take no for an answer. Everything is that way, but I have the exceptions.

Multi-tier affiliate programs, or MTAP, (a pyramid, the seller at the top pays you cost-per-sale only when you sell) never forces you to buy anything or causes your credit score to get pummeled. Just make sure the billing name is understood, because the tracking software has as an Internet name that may be different from the website or domain name, and use this name to cancel at the Pay Pal end also. This applies to all Web institutions who use billings names very different from the domain, or URL.

Many pyramids, closer together in size, and with the incentive and enthusiasm for everyone to compete, can mutually benefit off each other for a higher economic surplus for everyone. This is why Andreessen-Horowitz became the biggest Joint Venture Capitalist firm in history with the MTAP strategy, now back and better by integrating many topologies

Big money usually crushes little money because of the ability to buy at a lower cost-per-unit price, such as cost-per-impression advertising, because they buy in bulk. Their name actually works against them, as most industries are oligopolies who don’t have to compete leads to my hyper-legitimate revolution. More digital fraud against consumers is occurring now more than ever before, as the wealthy have drastic fluctuations in income from profits and loss from their businesses and Wall Street portfolios, increasing their paranoia levels, especially as the lower income individuals increasingly learn about more concepts in using new and old International tax shelter concepts, as the wealthy have used the old tactics for over a hundred years and as sponsors of the bigger media, they don’t want you to know this. So if we all had our own no-risk MTAP pyramids, and most importantly, old school mechanical and verified non-deceptive-electronic “put out fires before they start” preparation, it leads to a low-premium-cost insurance network for everyone, responsible savings habits for lower inflation and pseudo-rainy-day-insurance, then real private business and unemployment insurance and charity and private retirement and disability insurance for those who can’t work. Everyone, including the repented and therefore forgiven indiscreet, win.

Most importantly, even if you don’t sell anything at first, your Googlebot rankings are much higher (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.). You vote for a page, and you are keyword relevant, he/she votes for a voter, and he/she is keyword relevant, and so on. There are many advantages to outbound links, discussed, as will be all necessary advice, when you chat with me here. If someone buys from the bottom of the pyramid, the bottom tier affiliate and everyone above gets paid commission.

If you don’t like being part of a pyramid, a Ferris Wheel (also know as Inktomi wheel with no two pages point at each other, for Google rankings, not MTAP benefits) means, in an exclusive case, there will be expectations the top of the pyramid points to the bottom tier page. Relatively speaking, the top of the pyramid does not do as well relative to new affiliates versus a pyramid-only in the short run, but will probably do better in the long run, with happier affiliates who have the incentive to improve content, not obsess as much over creating lower-tier affiliates and back-links, and things are much more stable and fun for all versus exclusive pyramids. Pyramids do better than non-pyramids, but happier Ferris Wheel members means less work and your “industry” relatively does better than the un-tiered competition, possibly better than grandfathered high ranking Googlebot results. For me, the Ferris Wheel, safer with pyramid reinforcement, is my favorite amusement park ride.

So what is benevolent leverage? Do what I do, as I am not the top of a pyramid like you are but the highest tier affiliate who will sell what you sell when I sign-up for your blog or social media page. The tracking software at is free for two weeks with no debit/credit card obligation. If I or the others are a level below the seller (top of pyramid/wheel), the one or more affiliates, who have their own dash board access, don’t get paid, the link could be broken, but with an appeals process. I recommend paying all the affiliates by no later than the 15th of the following month for the proceeding month, where all commissions are tracked for the first day to last day of the preceding calendar month, 24:00 Greenwich Mean Time. Appeal here if you cannot pay on time, and remember to mass e-mail all your affiliates, fill out forms on other top-tier affiliates’ appeals forms if they do what we do, to prevent link breaking. Leverage and the need for the top seller to be conscious of loss of commission-pyramid/wheel and lower Googlebot rankings means newsletters, blogs, and better yet, audible 24/7 chat serving (I recommend which means none of us lose anything. We can use plugins for ratings and surveys to assure mutual fairness.

Never trust anybody, especially yourself or the guy who says “trust me”. Encryption means decryption from strength-through-numbers hackers. Credibility is good only through competitive surveys and rating systems. Free-will becomes destiny, and the future is our’s to see and make, no que sera, sera, as better guarantee-enforcement means happier, and much more loyal customers.

Anne Robinson, “The Weakest Link” game show (left). Adam Smith (right). The perfect-prototype definer of supply-versus-demand economics, even when capitalism gives way to man-machine cooperation and duality and products, services, and the infinite supply of outer space as property makes everything free . “Competition guarantees prosperity“. The powerful don’t like competition, so challenge them, as the producer and the consumer only need to use our congenial, shared, and mostly subjective education here to exercise indefinite options to persevere and do well
“I scratch your back, you scratch mine” clown fish and sea anemone permanent mutual-symbiosis peace, on many pyramidal-reefs, but going up-and-down the different reefs in Ferris Wheel fashion, to feed and protect one-another indefinitely
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