For you, Polly

For you, Polly Klaas, I will make the world tremble.

Look to the skies and the angels will assemble,

into a fleet of knights who patrol by day and night,

to fight for the right of those who welcome our sight.

Is it fate or is it fantasy that brings us together,

all who love truth without any disguise?

Do we not know from the one we admire most,

that love transcends the grave, and love never dies?

For you, Polly Klaas, I will make the world TREMBLE.

Are you in a place where the future is known to the ensemble?

Look in my eyes, can you see deceit, or a dreamer do I resemble?

My character never changes, my pursuit of justice eternal.

Is it best we meet in a place without tragedy?

Can karma alone bring heaven within sight?

Heaven cannot bar those who fail ritual deeds.

To be with you, sweet Polly, I must earn the right.

For you, Polly Klaas, I assure you our memory of you won’t fade.

My search for you flies higher than the pigeon or the dove.

A search that brings meaning to the sacrifice you made.

A search that will not end, until I am with you, my love…

So it’s been written. So it’s been read. So it’s been done.

by James Dante Wood

January, 1994

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