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15-year-old kayla berg disappearance

I am not able to contact Mike Maton or Lucy Cavu, alleged Utica residents, about their denials of participating in a video called “fake” according to Captain Dooley of the Antigo, Wisconsin, Police Department. He would not give me the name of the investigator who claimed the video was a fake or the newspaper reports, but did say the video was taped in New York City, as opposed to what I have in two media reports as Utica, NY. He became hostile when I talked to him early May of 2021, asking why I would not accept the conclusion of the video as a “fake” according to the unnamed investigator, and said I had no right to call myself a private investigator, saying you have to have a license to be a private investigator in Wisconsin, but I am in Texas.

The two links I was able to generate on this case of “Berg fake video”, which probably stems from just one journalist receiving information from police without backing-it-up with a second source, are as follows:

Hi Walter! viral video internet hoaxer unmasked | Daily Mail Online

Kayla Berg Video Maker Exposed, Says Shocking Film Was ‘Harmless’ – The Inquisitr

These media sources may have relied on exclusive Antigo Police allegations about the involvement of Maton and Cavo, unless there was coercion or some form of bribery of the alleged actors.

I have on Mike Maton as living at:

31 Burrstone Rd Apt L

New York Mills, NY 13417

I already contacted the FBI and will contact them again, as well as Internal Affairs and the state of Wisconsin and Federal Attorney Generals, as I am convinced these two residents were not the actors of two people in the video. The image analysis/kernel mapping I do ( with various kinds of aspect ratio and more subjective, facial feature analysis tells me that these two people could not be the people in the video. The woman, Lucy Cavu, is now 40, and would have been 29 when the video could have been made at it’s earliest time, the 2009 disappearance of 15-year-old Kayla Berg, too old, when the image to me was clearly Kayla, the same face and clothes she had when she disappeared, and the same voice.

Michael Maten has no active contact information except his e-mail address: He will not answer or reply to my questions.
Lucy Cavu. There is no BeenVerified information on her, only a Facebook profile. She refuses to respond to my private messages.