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Aiding and abetting the Night Stalker

OCSD saw computer wizzes as threat to Unisys big company main frame domination, Internet, and need to silence whistle blowers

Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker”, with 1984-84 dozens of homicides and attacks

To Rose Johnson, Unisys secretary,

Did you know Bill Carns well, the August, 1985 Mission Viejo victim (along with girlfriend, working at Unisys human resources building just down the street from my house in El Toro/Lake Forest) of Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker? I talked to Bill twice for the first time since 1984 and he has good long term memory, but very bad short term memory after being shot in the head three times.

I worked at Burroughs for 3 weeks in August of 1984 (you and I waved at each other) on day shift, Fred on nightshift, and Lorraine was there. I worked for Ohio corporate office and was a spy trying to record fish bowl (the room in the front of the building with about 10 computers, the only programmable computers in a company) activity, consisting of mostly electrical technicians and electrical engineers, seemingly no physicists or computer scientists like me. Helpmates workers, so I was told, were rare. The guy who built the computers, according to Ohio, was from England, scared all the time, and made many denials about knowledge of those machines even though he had one in his office.

Corporate told me to simply communicate by telnet on one of two machines (the captain’s chair, the “Gilligan’s” chair was to my left and to be hands off to anyone but me) and report all computer activity by what employees who often gave me the evil eye. They were the only machines in the company that had Internet access. Although I worked for Helpmates, Ohio Unisys corporate wanted me to be permanent, and I agreed as I was going to move my late September class schedule to nights. The book “1984” was more popular than the year that year, and because of the famous Super Bowl commercial, Raiders versus Redskins, January, 1984, where the Mac was introduced by Apple (“1984” doesn’t have to be like “1984”) it got a lot worse. IBM (International Business Machines, where Tweeter’s father-in-law worked at, along with a lot of refugees I had to work with) abandoned most of their business machines to compete heavily in the PC market with the Z90 microprocessor to 8088, 8086, 286, etc. because of Apple taking away market share in the home computer market with the Mac. Unisys saw an opportunity to corner the Internet/business-computer-market well before the world wide web was commercialized in 1991 because of Tim Lee and new people like Bill and I, pre-Internet experts, were a threat because of our knowledge and the element that wants to work at home and not for big businesses, taking away market share, working for main frame people like Unisys. Even Google and Facebook do highly illegal things to dominate the world with their main frames in Mountain View, CA.

Bill Carns

When Bill, after three weeks, was the only guy who sat down in the only other Internet chair-computer combination in the fish bowl, and started typing away, I said, “You can’t do that, you’re out of here”, and he immediately left the room without saying anything. His boss, a short, Middle-Eastern-looking guy returned and said, “Jim, we need access to this computer”. I said, “Okay, then I have to contact corporate and find out what to do”. I called corporate by phone in Ohio (most our exchanges were done by telnet chatting) and the boss said, “How tall is this manager” and I said “About 5 feet 6 inches”, and the boss said, “Well, we will send someone down there taller to stomp on him”. I was laid off the next day. Bill then spent the better part of a year to use the fish bowl to communicate (telnet, using it like PC Anywhere or Team Viewer) to change the voltage on foreign Unisys computers that worked fine in the US, not overseas, as most countries had unstable 220 VAC power plants with no surge protectors. There was an attempt to kill him in August of 1985, a year before 9-11, cell phones, and GPS. He was a DePaul graduate and one of their brightest workers. There were several attempts to kill me as well over the years.

The night stalker (Ramirez) already had a criminal record going back to El Paso, Texas, in the 1970’s with his finger prints and mugshot. His finger prints were all over all the crime scenes in California going back to the killing of an 8-year-old girl in San Francisco in June of 1984. The national database for finger prints and mugshots combined dates back to 1970’s and is standard practice for all police checks. His protocol was to enter houses, mostly in poor neighborhoods, with a high criminal to cop ratio, that had no porch lights on and unlocked doors. With Bill in Mission Viejo, porch light on, all doors locked, Ramirez jimmied a slightly open window at 3 AM in the morning in the bedroom as it was hot and there was a cool breeze coming from the west, but very much out of protocol with the other Night Stalker attacks. The police (Orange County Sheriff’s Department) lied in the report when they said Ramirez cut the phone wires outside the house. The Mission Viejo company decided in 1968 to create tract homes with a trash bill and CCR contracts that take away a lot of freedom, including the ability to paint your house a non-Spanish theme, with lock boxes on the fuse boxes, and all the phone wires were placed under ground. Bill is from Montana, like Neil Fisher, who said even in Montana where Bill started as an electrician in the early eighties he would put phone wires under ground. Even Neil complained about no telephone wires in Mission Viejo, quit, and returned later looking for a job. There was a shoe print left in the mud of the flower garden where a female reporter point it out to police that matched Ramirez’ shoes, her boss tried to fire her for working with police and other reporters at staff. He then stole a nearby car. But how did he get to the crime scene if he previously had no car? The police lied and said they never know who he was until there were prints found on the abandoned car. Bill even said they collected Ramirez’ prints from a beige wall in the house that has fresh paint and prints, and got mad when he was in the hospital and they painted the walls without his permission to a different color when he returned about 6 months later. The gun has no silencer after three shots and his girl friend was screaming, so there probably was an attempt by neighbors to call the police, but they never came until a neighbor was confronted by the naked girl friend and they reported his stolen car. If Ramirez has to steal a car to leave, how does he get there? That is when, late 1985, they were finally willing to release his mug shot claiming he was “elusive” before, but not true. The police in many famous cases aid and abet crime, and knew about his whereabouts since the June 1984 murder of an 8-year-old in San Francisco.

My step father, Edward James Anderson, a cop, has committed all kinds of illegal activities that even Eric and Kevin Holder can tell you about with drunken irate scenes at Gilhoulli’s Restaurant of May Company, Mission Viejo. Kevin lost his job for reporting Sheriff Department’s attempt to force serving alcohol after hours to top May Company manager, friend of Anderson. I met him in 1977, where he an my mother committed adultery before she was legally separated. He was a realtor, not deputized until 1980. The Sheriff, Brad Gates, kept giving me strange looks at the graduation ceremony. He actually staked out my family well before the 1977 meeting as a realtor who used to be the only civilians with access to Big Brother technology other than lawyers. My real dad was a highly successful room addition and re-modeling contractor until the Mission Viejo “cartel” made it impossible for him to work by denying him contracts. That’s how I learned that only the phone company could access the phone lines or phone box, as he could not even access his own phone box and hire his own electricians like in Fountain Valley where we started. Anderson claimed in 1977 my father took a crowbar to his car’s front windshield. My father had an alibi from two workers at a restaurant that placed him there during the crime.

My step father tried to frame me for fraud mail and attempted murder, claiming I tried to poison him with rat poison. We did have a rat problem and I placed mouse traps and rat poisoning underneath my bed the summer of 1982. He claimed in October, 3 months later, it was in my car, which is not true, with beverages, and concocted a plan to blame me for a murder attempt. The Sheriff never pressed charges because they knew evidence was planted. He used forged document’s to steal my grandfather’s house in 1984. Court fraud, verifying not only are elections rigged but court decisions are rigged by police, lawyers, and judges, is how I started the Saint Valentine’s Mai Lai of 2021. Anderson wrecked his Porshe while driving drunk in 1982, did not report the accident to the DMV. He later stole my inheritance money. My grandmother had a wealthy father and she too lost everything to step parents when her parents died in the early 1960’s.

Space shuttle challenger victims alive

A note to a fired human resource representative, who worked with me at Morton Thiokol, the people blamed for the 1986 Challenger disaster

The seven space shuttle astronauts from the Challenger and January 1986 explosion are alive and identified teaching under fake names at several American universities. Their pictures are not pixelated or air brushed, not age progression photos, it is clearly them. Ron Gorby was killed by Ivory Valentine in October of 1986 because he knew too much as both men got calls about a private investigation demanded by President Reagan when no bodies were found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after the Challenger explosion. Valentine was the only worker there never to have his badge taken or deactivated ever, he returned the next day to stab Gorby to death. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department misreported the incident in the LA Times as occurring at the exact time of the firing, and it was out of protocol as the Tustin Police Department intervened when the crime occurred, not the Sheriff. They launched in above freezing conditions after two delays because of the cold with many gaskets in those rocket boosters, it is impossible for one faulty gasket to cause an explosion that size.

When I started DynaChem (Tustin) in February of 1988, the workers in the warehouses had jackets that said “Thiokol”, the chemical company component started in my hometown, Fountain Valley, the year I was born, 1964. Mark Fullerton and a secretary had pictures of space shuttle astronauts in their offices. Mel Lipson gave speeches to 300 employees every month in the auditorium, answering questions when I was their the first two meetings. When a woman asked the question, “I read there was compensation for the Challenger victim’s family members. How much?”. Mel turned white and said, “$10 million”. After that he refused to answer questions, and the pictures of the astronauts were quickly removed. He stepped down in July of 1989 and many sycophants were hired, including your replacement, Wendy Wakuya, and the firm changed its name to Morton International, the Thiokol jackets were apprehended. DynaChem was sold to Shipley, and the firm heavily divested the day before 9-11, then shut down that Tustin plant to give way to a storage facility that same year, 2001.

When you and I decided to start a recreation committee (DynaRec) we met weekly since July of 1988 with me as president and 6 board members including Colleen McDorman, with the understanding you must at least one human resource member attend. Colleen asked about $3 million a year for the Ron Gorby Memorial Golf Tournament three times at the meetings (when we had to pull teeth for $50 for two volleyballs and two nets, most all recreation committee ideas were unfunded). We did not ask what they did with the money, only if we could get our fair share. All we knew is only two employees would play golf 6 times a year for $3 million a year and the widow of Ron Gorby sued and was compensated. Ron Skinner said we could not have a dime of the money, he was soon fired in early 1989 after the challenge. There were 4 human resources people let go in a good economy of 1989. Ivory Valentine was a stellar employee let go in an overheating economy of 1986. Vic Parziale explained to me what happened when Gorby was stabbed. Larry Larek said Valentine was an outstanding worker, but according to management, was on the phone too often. The calls he received may have come from Cape Canaveral in Florida about what to do with the space shuttle remains, as he and Gorby worked in analytical services and were supposed to do failure analysis on the results of the Challenger explosion. When Skinner was fired and replaced by Ron Craig, Colleen said, “Great, can we now ask about Ron Gorby money?”, and then the Sheriff was called when you were escorted out. The woman who worked in human resources who helped hire me in February of 1988 was fired after accepting a date from a co-worker, another human resource person whose job was to process health insurance claims and maintain employee confidentiality was fired, giving way to someone hired all because of me, Wendy Wakuya, who compromised confidentiality, and would spy on me in the hallways and fast food restaurants. When she was hired in July of 1989, she took control of the first recreation committee saying, “We no longer have time for recreation committee meetings” and the meetings disbanded.

15-year-old kayla berg disappearance

I am not able to contact Mike Maton or Lucy Cavu, alleged Utica residents, about their denials of participating in a video called “fake” according to Captain Dooley of the Antigo, Wisconsin, Police Department. He would not give me the name of the investigator who claimed the video was a fake or the newspaper reports, but did say the video was taped in New York City, as opposed to what I have in two media reports as Utica, NY. He became hostile when I talked to him early May of 2021, asking why I would not accept the conclusion of the video as a “fake” according to the unnamed investigator, and said I had no right to call myself a private investigator, saying you have to have a license to be a private investigator in Wisconsin, but I am in Texas.

The two links I was able to generate on this case of “Berg fake video”, which probably stems from just one journalist receiving information from police without backing-it-up with a second source, are as follows:

Hi Walter! viral video internet hoaxer unmasked | Daily Mail Online

Kayla Berg Video Maker Exposed, Says Shocking Film Was ‘Harmless’ – The Inquisitr

These media sources may have relied on exclusive Antigo Police allegations about the involvement of Maton and Cavo, unless there was coercion or some form of bribery of the alleged actors.

I have on Mike Maton as living at:

31 Burrstone Rd Apt L

New York Mills, NY 13417

I already contacted the FBI and will contact them again, as well as Internal Affairs and the state of Wisconsin and Federal Attorney Generals, as I am convinced these two residents were not the actors of two people in the video. The image analysis/kernel mapping I do ( with various kinds of aspect ratio and more subjective, facial feature analysis tells me that these two people could not be the people in the video. The woman, Lucy Cavu, is now 40, and would have been 29 when the video could have been made at it’s earliest time, the 2009 disappearance of 15-year-old Kayla Berg, too old, when the image to me was clearly Kayla, the same face and clothes she had when she disappeared, and the same voice.

Michael Maten has no active contact information except his e-mail address: He will not answer or reply to my questions.
Lucy Cavu. There is no BeenVerified information on her, only a Facebook profile. She refuses to respond to my private messages.