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Put any assets necessary to secure from likely-to-be self-destructive counter-law-suit mongers in a variety of overseas trust fund banks, with un-taxed-below high progressive tax rates. Capitalize on a mutual funds stock market guaranteed to do better than the bull market of 1981-1989. I recommend Janus Fund, Vanguard, and Fidelity. Those you accept the credibility of, like a spouse or relative, can and should put physical property (real estate, vehicles, etc.) in the trust, and minimize more tangible but increasingly less audited and less likely to receive leans on by tax collectors. Collapsing tax revenues means, with very high national sovereign debt in the U.S. and world wide, smarter and braver legal tax minimizers and will survive those who resist privatization, self-governance, collapse in misery indices, higher income, better benefits, better working conditions, more loans for those with low credit scores, and more love-of-labor with usage of automation, the end of human toil.