Space shuttle challenger victims alive

A note to a fired human resource representative, who worked with me at Morton Thiokol, the people blamed for the 1986 Challenger disaster

The seven space shuttle astronauts from the Challenger and January 1986 explosion are alive and identified teaching under fake names at several American universities. Their pictures are not pixelated or air brushed, not age progression photos, it is clearly them. Ron Gorby was killed by Ivory Valentine in October of 1986 because he knew too much as both men got calls about a private investigation demanded by President Reagan when no bodies were found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after the Challenger explosion. Valentine was the only worker there never to have his badge taken or deactivated ever, he returned the next day to stab Gorby to death. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department misreported the incident in the LA Times as occurring at the exact time of the firing, and it was out of protocol as the Tustin Police Department intervened when the crime occurred, not the Sheriff. They launched in above freezing conditions after two delays because of the cold with many gaskets in those rocket boosters, it is impossible for one faulty gasket to cause an explosion that size.

When I started DynaChem (Tustin) in February of 1988, the workers in the warehouses had jackets that said “Thiokol”, the chemical company component started in my hometown, Fountain Valley, the year I was born, 1964. Mark Fullerton and a secretary had pictures of space shuttle astronauts in their offices. Mel Lipson gave speeches to 300 employees every month in the auditorium, answering questions when I was their the first two meetings. When a woman asked the question, “I read there was compensation for the Challenger victim’s family members. How much?”. Mel turned white and said, “$10 million”. After that he refused to answer questions, and the pictures of the astronauts were quickly removed. He stepped down in July of 1989 and many sycophants were hired, including your replacement, Wendy Wakuya, and the firm changed its name to Morton International, the Thiokol jackets were apprehended. DynaChem was sold to Shipley, and the firm heavily divested the day before 9-11, then shut down that Tustin plant to give way to a storage facility that same year, 2001.

When you and I decided to start a recreation committee (DynaRec) we met weekly since July of 1988 with me as president and 6 board members including Colleen McDorman, with the understanding you must at least one human resource member attend. Colleen asked about $3 million a year for the Ron Gorby Memorial Golf Tournament three times at the meetings (when we had to pull teeth for $50 for two volleyballs and two nets, most all recreation committee ideas were unfunded). We did not ask what they did with the money, only if we could get our fair share. All we knew is only two employees would play golf 6 times a year for $3 million a year and the widow of Ron Gorby sued and was compensated. Ron Skinner said we could not have a dime of the money, he was soon fired in early 1989 after the challenge. There were 4 human resources people let go in a good economy of 1989. Ivory Valentine was a stellar employee let go in an overheating economy of 1986. Vic Parziale explained to me what happened when Gorby was stabbed. Larry Larek said Valentine was an outstanding worker, but according to management, was on the phone too often. The calls he received may have come from Cape Canaveral in Florida about what to do with the space shuttle remains, as he and Gorby worked in analytical services and were supposed to do failure analysis on the results of the Challenger explosion. When Skinner was fired and replaced by Ron Craig, Colleen said, “Great, can we now ask about Ron Gorby money?”, and then the Sheriff was called when you were escorted out. The woman who worked in human resources who helped hire me in February of 1988 was fired after accepting a date from a co-worker, another human resource person whose job was to process health insurance claims and maintain employee confidentiality was fired, giving way to someone hired all because of me, Wendy Wakuya, who compromised confidentiality, and would spy on me in the hallways and fast food restaurants. When she was hired in July of 1989, she took control of the first recreation committee saying, “We no longer have time for recreation committee meetings” and the meetings disbanded.

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