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  1. The search for Polly Hannah Klaas, the Fall of 1993, was the biggest manhunt in world history, with 54 million pictures of Polly’s picture posted/distributed, and the biggest reaction to a crime, with the most massive buildup of the criminal justice system ever, old ideas going back to the eighties. The Crime Bill, 3-Strikes-You’re-Out, Megan’s Law, Megan’s Website, the Amber Alert, etc., and it’s all based on a litany of the criminal justice system’s lies, cover-ups, and a likely inside job to galvanize the nation with a fake body planted south of Cloverdale, CA, December 4, 1993.

    The USAF, with a series of SR-71 fly-overs, confirmed no grave sites were found, identified by Petaluma Police as a wooden board with a trash heap. There were about 1,000 volunteers looking for Polly in Sonoma County, which includes Cloverdale, during the nine week period after the October 1, 1993 abduction. The body found, confirmed by Sonoma County Coroner and court eyewitnesses, was nothing more than a skeleton with little to no tissue, mutilated, no lower jaw, no hands, no upper jaw indentations for possible dental record analysis, very little hair, far too decomposed for a corpse that had been there, worst case scenario, nine weeks. The remains were then cremated, cast out to sea, and the field bulldozed for planting flowers. The only thing the 1996 jury of the trial against the accused murderer, Richard Allen Davis, had to go by was his confession, but KFI 640 AM radio Los Angeles revealed, by admission of Petaluma Police officer Mike Meese, Davis had been beaten into a confession. The Petaluma Police and Sonoma County Public Defender are in violation of the California 1949 Public Records Act for not submitting the June 2009 court transcript verifying the admitted coercion of Davis’ false admission. The Federal Public Defender admitted verbally to Davis that the federal autopsy in Norfolk, VA proved Polly’s DNA was not present when examining the Cloverdale remains, according to a female FBI agent. The FBI is in violation of the Freedom of Information Act for not submitting the police log with that information. Although the mother, Eve Nichol, has privacy on the release of the autopsy, the police log is not private, so lawsuits are pending. The pre-trial hearings of the 1996 trial, the People versus Richard Allen Davis, for this reason, was closed to the public. Evidence tampering, collusion, and illegal beating of a suspect charges are pending.

    Richard Allen Davis was out of prison after serving an 8 year sentence for good-time, half-time, in June of 1993. He was ordered to be checked on by parole officers weekly in the “Turning Point” halfway house in San Mateo County. He violated his parole by leaving the county in early September, seen in Petaluma 100 miles to the north, and not only did the parole officers stop checking and Davis was not issued an arrest warrant, but the parole board reduced his status from high risk to low risk right after the abduction of Polly, according to defense attorney Barry Collins, who was not allowed to mention this in his final closing case for Davis at the kidnap-murder trial.

    Davis kidnapped Polly at 8 PM and the two girls at the slumber party immediately reported the crime to the sleeping mother, Davis’ description and the Ford Pinto, but Police Chief Dennis Dewitt and Sonoma County Sheriff dispatcher refused to put out an All Points Bulletin, telling the New York Times, “We did not want the media or the public with scanners to find out what happened”. Davis was intercepted 2 hours later in northeast Santa Rosa, Pythian Road, 30 miles to the north of Petaluma, where Sonoma County Sheriff deputies Rankin and Howard gave several different accounts of what happened. Davis stranded his Pinto in a ravine (crashed it, failing to drive the car into a driveway of two drug kingpins, John Knock and Clause Duboc, indicted for 40 pounds of marijuana trafficking 20 days later. The neighbors who called the Sonoma County Sheriff Department about a suspicious vehicle on Pythian Road and a “wild man” in her back yard included Dana Jaffe, a chef at a nearby inn, who said Knock was a brother in law and she was renting part of his property for $700/month. Davis would admit to police later he was there to obtain pot, but refused to answer the connection to Polly). He was shirtless and claimed he was sight-seeing. First the deputies said they did not do a warrant check, told Davis to put down a beer can, and used a neighbor’s chain to help tow his car out of the ravine and send him on his way. Later, the deputies recanted, and said they did do a warrant check, but it was taking too long, found the beer can in the car, and told Davis to remove it, then helped him with the tow. There was no attempt to do a standard field sobriety test or cite him for an open container violation, which was always standard practice in these cases. The ABP coordinated with cell phones has been standard practice with California peace officers going back to 1986, so the deputies may have had a “heads up” on an inside job.

    The father, Marc Klaas, soon after the abduction, said he got a phone call from Polly, traced to a house in Angwin (Pythian road is used to drive northeast from Sonoma County to Angwin in Napa County, not where they found the body south of Cloverdale, which is in the opposite direction to the northwest) but was convinced by police it was a hoax. Marc, according to attorneys, was investigated by the federal government for drug charges, and may have been coerced as a narc to show undying support for police since 1993.

    While I have investigated hundreds of child abduction, rape, and murder cases, all those convicted have had insessant child pornography or inappropriately touching a child charges. Child rapists is a very black and white field in law enforcement, with the highest recidivism rate of any criminal. Davis does not have this in his background. His previous two convictions were for kidnapping for money. When asked by Sam Spiegel last December, 1993, “Was that John Mark Karr you were seen with behind Polly’s house just prior to the abduction?” there was silence for 5 seconds where Davis did not want to answer the question. Karr showed up in Petaluma in 2001 with child porn possession charges and admitted he wanted to violate Polly. His next 5 years in southeast Asia may have been a search for her before confessing to the Jon Benet Ramsey killing.

    Winona Ryder put up a $200,000 reward for the safe return of Polly, inspired by friends, possibly law enforcement (although Ryder publicist would not say) and the Petaluma Police asked for the reward money after the finding of a dead corpse, Ryder refused stating clearly terms are Polly must be found alive.

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