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Why lawsuits are winnable and necessary
1. Judges and juries don’t like barred attorneys. Proper Internet research in advance studying laws, precedents, prior court decisions based on similar disputes, and smart phone access to this information in court with new challenges from opposition (with ringer turned off, of course, remember Lance Itto chastising Robert Shapiro) means an individual, better yet a team, possible with online litigants and witnesses, can easily win cases when you overcome self-esteem issues. Some barred attorneys, in rare cases, should only be used for pre-court consulting and some form/claim processing

2. Non-lawyer class action law suits, often International to better record violations of the law, have a very high victory percentage with no money lost to law firm

3. Use International litigants and “spies” who can record phone conversations without warnings, and overseas tax shelters (eg. overseas trust funds) to protect assets and crew from retaliation

4. Guarantee press release and emasculation of opponent with their failure to settle before court appearance

5. Blast subpoenas with detection of miscreant online activity (edits, deletions, creations, email opens, searches, etc. recorded by search engines), congregate here and at the Better Business Bureau/scam alert forums/social media sharing to verify violations of laws with large groups of litigants. Social media groups and pages, which most all successful firms must have to remain in business, have a list of members of customers you can contact and determine if they are victims or unsatisfied. If private, join anyway by answering admission questions, to spy on managers, employees, and customer-members

6. Determine and prove what your damages are, like doctor’s note for health complications, bad TRW score, loss of work, family issues, etc., and learn how to present in court

7. Learn how to use search engine metrics to vote-verify claims against opponent and compare to more scrupulous firms and determine income and ability to access liens based on anti-trust law

8. Learn how to finally claim damages from Internet firms who benefit from fraud because of lack of geographic proximity, too many dependencies on the Internet and information superhighway, and pass laws requiring video conferencing in courtrooms, etc.

9. Learn how to appeal with more and better information, create press releases to shame judges who make unpopular decisions to make reelections hard and cause self-terminations of federal judges who fear diminishing tax revenues and inability to perform with competitive court private revenue funding

10. Jury selection by non-lawyers is better as lawyers prefer physically and mentally weak candidates

Use for free subpoena-blasting to create panic for the “evil is stupid, it’s easy to stay one step ahead of it” big-money parasites. Search engines, e-mail, and social media sites track everything. Page and message creations, edits, deletions, re-creations, and searches hold the doing-too-well bad-guys accountable. Competition between subpoenaed institutions, even with cooperation from foreign alternatives who can’t be subpoenaed, will happen because they know it’s good publicity for their customers. The “who, what, where, why, how” and most importantly the “when” for time (no such thing as coincidences) is most effective. It is not just what you know but what you don’t know, with holes in your opponent’s logic with obvious cover-ups, especially when in multitude, that make court victories more common. You can think of yourself as a private investigator who has an advantage when not deputized, for obvious reasons, because of no limitations with legal entrapment. Start with motive, then probable cause, to prove willful intent to violate rights of victim by your opponent. Legal wire tapping from foreign countries work, and no limitations of “the beast” and it’s evil-double standards, but now being de-funded, because of corrupt police officers who punish police-techs, whistle-blowers, and even arresting and prosecuting “putting them in harm’s way” victims, going out of business and fearing and conceding to billions of dollars of ACLU law suits. Scrupulous peace officers are not allowed to do their jobs and can technically never entrap without a judge-approved sting operation, though rare, designed to go after almost no one but prostitutes and Johns.

Wipe-out those who are wealthier, spoiled, careless, and cowardly. Their firms are over-bureaucratic and break down from poor communication, overworked and soon departing good employees, and lost revenue from poor, often sycophantic poor employees. We use computer simulations to look at the past and predict and make the future happen benevolently to guarantee the world court of all discussions here win. Call it “confidence level” where the big picture is the sum of the many little pictures, doing trial-and-error experiments where you are successful 99.9% of the time with a confidence level of 95% (that which works 95% of the time in the past, so repeated successfully, tolerating a lower but more likely to win-in-court confidence level with new discoveries). Brainstorm for any worst-case scenario pebble in the shoe. Don’t let me overwhelm you too much. There is plenty of time, and for many of you, a little research and smarter work in less time will still assure a superior state of mind to guarantee victories. First it gets harder as you take on any new challenge for the many who will receive an education I give you on how to understand the truth of physical evidence and testimony. Better yet, multiple notarized writings and eye-witness reports, compounding what is historically 40% accurate per individual, but a much higher percentage with more witnesses and a much more reliable criterion then government-controlled physical evidence, means positive verdicts. But more education and more witnesses means old school and future school litigation (contacting legislatures and their politicians) will help overwhelm uniformed and unscrupulous defendants, lawyers, and judges.

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The battle of Agincourt, an example of military conflict with judicial analogies. Lawyers are often deceptive liberal arts people, little science or math education, despised by judges and juries, and well-prepared simulations can convert them or put them out of business!

Take the French soldiers under King Henry, for example, who lost the Hundred Years War from A.D. 1337-1453 to England because of the final defeat at Agincourt, France. They were mostly in heavy armor, moving forward in a trapezoidal field (a dirt road that gets smaller as you go forward). It was muddy because of the inability to predict rain the day before, tormented by the English “arrows of outrageous misfortune” for the French, and it made the French soldiers more unstable, paranoid, as they were drawn too close together, and most collapsed because of the weight of the armor alone. Most could not get up, and many asphyxiated in the mud.

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Cheap simulations from freelance website programmers can demonstrate how Newton’s Third Law, action, then reaction, the four forces and time, inertia, time and place mapping, starting with a mapping of the defendant’s online and brick-and-mortar witness testimonies, even if written and notarized, with video evidence from witnesses and/or, microfiche, other old school back-up data, can lead to a before, during, and predictable “after” pattern of bad behavior to stymie big-bad behavior indefinitely.

Everything happens for a reason, so “analyze this, that” thinking puts out fires before they start! Therefore, you diagnose what your opponents did wrong, and it forces judges who want to keep their jobs to accept the truth and be known for enforcing fairness, as it is impossible to not legislate from the bench, giving you and them good press. Those who prepare can win every time. And in the long run for those who are patient, the greedy sociopaths become frozen stiff icebergs, as icemen have an inferior state of mind and cannot win long term.

Preponderance of the evidence, based on proving claims with many records and physical data, creates a challenge that will overwhelm those who must settle before the court date, else fear embarrassing press releases. If they counter-sue for libel, slander, or defamation of character, do what they do by protecting assets in overseas trust funds, and put tangible property in loved-one’s names. The International “buddy system”, say, where an American victim sues the accused in Canada for a Canadian victim, and the Canadian victim sues the accused in the U.S. for an American victim, means the accused will never have leverage. Settlements before court appearances are more likely for that reason. But if you or the foreign buddy do show up in court, make it clear what you have done and will do with more research on the complaints against the defendant by others (against the defendant as an individual or firm, based on Better Business Bureau records, city or county records, and better yet, searches on regular search engines or social media search engines for their names or firm names next to “scam”, “complaint”, “sue”, “sued”, “law suit”, etc., to find other victims, who you can contact there and add here to the blog directory for easier internal search engine searches), preparing for a class action law suit of non-lawyers against the defendant, if an appeal is necessary. Click here to join interactive blog. The batting average is always much higher for plaintiffs if they resort to class action law suits, but don’t use barred attorneys for court appearances, they usually take too high a percentage of the judgement amount in these cases. Subpoenas, complaints, and the challenges to the accused can all be free. Even if the judge throws out the case because you don’t show up, you still win. With appeals, sell what you want to sell with your press releases, and if you don’t already have a business or Web page that sells products and services, preferably in the industry of your opponent to take away market share from them, your perseverance earns respect from old and new customers. Customers and workers already have a commercial interest in their opponent’s industry.

Get paid with no website traffic or direct sales with Googlebot back link multi-tier pyramid, for us and for you.

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Rank high on a multi-tier post paid back link (PPBL) pyramid. The top of the pyramid (seller) can point to the bottom tier with anchor text (website address or URL), and your keyword-relevant Ferris/Inktomi Wheel, for people who don’t like pyramids, means all pages collectively rank higher when compared to other non-participants for the same keywords.

The case should be won with a pre-settlement, or showing up for the victory and an award. If not, appeal with more numbers (say, if for the above five keyword phrases, look at the top ten search engine ranking results, not just what I recommend in the beginning, the top three, and wear them down with, for them, an expensive appeals process, as big money lawyers are professional manipulators with no education of my strategy to overcome us. The “adapt, improvise, and overcome” modern reptiles will use allegorical asteroids to wipe out dinosaurs of an always corrupt public sector judicial system.

Chat with me now, and even if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll show you how to use the blog to get advice from people who will gladly give out free advice. Even if you don’t work or work for someone else, you can fulfill your dreams with no-risk business set-ups with less effort, free high-profit margin PPBL advertising platforms, that will lead to more ethical and less expensive business practices. Competition guarantees prosperity.

Free subpoena blasting and "preponderance of the evidence" overwhelming. Revolt and prosper!